Helping you manage Security Risk Posture

End to End Security Visibility

Manage Security Risk across your complete application portfolio

Continuous data Analysis

Gain complete visibility across your critical development environments

Secure Strategy

Steer clear of unseen cyber risks and vulnerabilities


Make timely & informed decisions

Sudoviz is a cost-effective, AI enabled, easy-to-use Product and Infrastructure Security solution that provides the right context to the Developers and AppSecurity teams

Prioritize application security to attain structured workflows
Make informed business decisions on application risk
Improve AppSec posture with our Application Security Posture Management platform

Identify gaps with complete AppSec visibility

Get real-time AppSec visibility with contextual insights to identify and prioritize critical application vulnerabilities impacting the business.

Get visibility into application status across all common testing types
Proactively remediate issues before they become a security incident
Leverage out-of-the-box best practice configuration policies

Unify security & development

Eliminate Friction between Engineering and Security team with the help of Contextual, Collaborative and Data-driven approach to prioritizing, delegation, escalation and exception management

Easily build and share context with developers
Easily build and share context with developers
Get the right visibility on the issues that matter

Report Security Metrics with a single click

Sudoviz is a responsive solution that simplifies and automates AppSec management and reporting.

Track the right metrics to validate your program's influence
Upload application security incident logs with real-time data normalization, indexing, & correlation
Push vulnerability data from multiple security scanners in one central location.

Develop a big picture view of Security data

Sudoviz collates data from various security tools to form a big picture view. We automate the most laborious tasks to accelerate AppSec testing and remediation. We centrally orchestrate AppSec scanning tools so you can:

Automatically manage and unify vulnerability data
Make data operational for security & development teams
Get critical visibility into your overall security posture
Get streamlined vulnerability findings prioritized by risk