Maximize security and resilience in your applications.

Powerful In-built detection logic

Find Code Security Risk across the full software stack - Code, dependency, Containers, Infrastructure as code

Skill-level specific guidance

Our platform suggests training within the remediation workflow and accurately tailors it to the developers skill level

AI powered Remediation

With the AI assistant combined with human-in-the-loop you can generate highly secure code fix

find vulnerabilities

Automated Code Vulnerability Scanning

Our AI-powered platform scans your code for vulnerabilities in real-time, giving you a comprehensive report in minutes. No more manual scanning or endless hours of testing.

View your scan history and scan status
Schedule full stack scans as needed
View vulnerability details in one dashboard

Correctly Prioritize Application Security

Our AI technology helps you prioritizes vulnerabilities based on their potential impact on your business. This allows you to focus on fixing the most critical issues first.

Aggregate results from your existing tools
Prioritize vulnerabilities as per Severity and Risk
AI assisted triage and remediation
10X faster remediation

Scale your vulnerability remediation efforts

Eliminate wasted effort and avoid the hassle of dealing with large number of vulnerabilities using Interactive remediation guidance with skill-level specific training that provides the exact steps to remediate code vulnerabilities

Use human-in-the-loop AI workflow to generate code fix
Use a DIY approach to security remediation
Achieve 10X more with limited time and resources

Application Security Posture Management Platform

Data-driven application security analytics and management platform for enterprise software teams.

Strategize at a team or org level using a shared security context
Prioritize vulnerabilities as per business risk
Streamline security processes such as vulnerability detection, mitigation, and remediation