Our Mission

Sudoviz is on a mission to secure the world's software through inspiring innovations.

We enable companies to attain the best possible software security risk posture by democratizing security efforts, and data-driven informed security decision-making.

Our Vision

We envision a sustainable and just future for everyone enabled by secure technology.

Software is the connective tissue for much of the information economy. Many of the services and technology we rely on daily, such as banking and healthcare, actually work on open source and proprietary software. Today software serves as critical infrastructure for much of the global economy, making the security of software mission-critical to the rest of the world.

Our Story

Our founder and early backers have 25+ years of experience on large enterprise Security teams and we realized that Appsec teams are constantly fighting a losing battle.

Given the disparity in the number of resources, Appsec cannot cover all the apps — in fact, this gap is so wide that most code changes don't get the attention and scrutiny they deserve. This is because Appsec teams today spend most of their time performing operational tasks, and serving ad-hoc requests, while true vulnerabilities remain. We knew we had to do something to fix this problem. So with a unique vision of scaling app security through democratization — we launched Sudoviz.

Our goal is to build an Application Security Data Management Platform to help companies and development teams understand their security issues and assist in intelligent planning while avoiding redundant, and wasted effort.

We want to infuse life into the tedious technical aspects of managing and analyzing and security data. We believe that the usability of application security tools and processes can be critical to guarding apps and building an application security program.